we have extensive experience in handling everything from small simple room installations to large nationwide projects. We also offer project management and technical project resources.


Plural : elements

    a.  A component part or quality, often one that is basic or essential

    b.  a constituent group of a specified kind

    c.  a determining factor

    d.  any of the data needed or used to make certain calculationssolve a           particular problem, etc.

    Elements can supply flexible solutions in installation, programming and consulting in the following fields.

    • MTR video conferencing solutions
    • Dante audio distribution solutions
    • PoE video/audio/control/lighting design
    • AVoIP and HDBaseT solutions
    • AP heat mapping

      We provide technical expertise for time-based projects.

     Flexible and scalable services contracts are available that are adapted to any customer / sales partner. 

    We are certified with long experience in video conferencing, control systems, audio distribution and lighting.